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A Caddo Legend

The Favor of the Great Spirit rested on the abundant forest, flowers, songbirds, and small animals of these quiet hills. Then a fierce dragon devastated the land, bringing disease and hunger on the people.

The Indian Nations pleaded with the Great Spirit to subdue the dragon, and the might of all the heavenly forces contrived to bury it deep under the mountain, where it shakes the Earth even today.

Once the Great Spirit had reclaimed his beautiful resting spot, he caused pure water to gush from the Earth, and asked that is favorite place be held neutral ground, so all can share in the healing waters.
The native Cahuilla Indians consider the hot springs one of their “points of power,” a place to contact the central creative force.

The Cahuilla believe life in all its forms – humans, animals, even inanimate objects – is interconnected, and spiritualism is like a current running through the earth. At certain geographic points of power they tap into the life force and communicate with the animals and inanimate objects of their cultural folklore.

Millennia ago, deep beneath the Southern California desert, nature created the hottest artesian mineral well in the world. The unparalleled water of this natural phenomenon rises from the deep double geological fault of Miracle Hill at approximately 148 degrees Fahrenheit. This is our gem, come treat yourself…..The power of our healing waters.